Cancer—Your October Horoscope Says You’re Casting Love Spells On Everyone You Meet This Month

Roya Backlund
Cancer—Your October Horoscope Says You’re Casting Love Spells On Everyone You Meet This Month
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Make yourself comfortable, because your Cancer horoscope for October 2022 wants you to tend to your home and reignite the embers of your hearth. The month begins with a burst of warmth and love, as Venus in your private fourth house opposes Jupiter in your public 10th house and encourages you to spend time with close loved ones and reinforce the beams of your foundation in life. You may even receive praise for the beautiful family you’ve built and the home you’ve designed to your liking!

However, as Pluto retrograde comes to an end on October 8, it may bring up some uncomfortable information, especially as it relates to your relationships. If there are unspoken truths lingering between you and your partner, they could resurface around this time and shift the dynamics of your union. If your relationship feels like a constant power struggle, it’s time to regroup!

When a full moon in Aries rises in your 10th house of career and publicity on October 9, a chapter of your professional life may come to a close. Prepare for awards, accolades and maybe even promotions, because you’re finally being recognized for all the hard work you’ve been putting into your craft. However, as Mercury opposes Jupiter in Aries on October 12, you may find that your professional responsibilities are overwhelming other aspects of your life. Remember to pace yourself, Cancer.

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Luckily, by October 23, things will start getting *way* more interesting. After all, this is when Venus will enter your fifth house of fun, romance and creativity, inspiring you to prioritize passion above all. If you’re single, this is the best time to get out there and show off your lunar loveliness, because it’s attracting mates left and right. If you’re in a relationship, you have every reason to dive into each other and remember what brought you together in the first place. By October 25, a solar eclipse in Scorpio could mark a significant turning point in your love life. It could even be the spark that lights a creative fire, urging you to express yourself in a way you never have before.

When Jupiter retrograde re-enters your ninth house of expansion and adventure on October 28, it will bring you back to yourself in a way that leaves you feeling inspired and reaffirmed in your beliefs. Look back on all the places you’ve been and the things you’ve learned, because you’ve leveled up beyond your wildest dreams.

As Mars stations retrograde in your 12th house of spirituality on October 30, the month comes to a close with an increase in vivid dreams and a deepening desire to heal your inner realm. Don’t be afraid to retreat into your shell, Cancer. After all, it’s there to protect you.

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