Cancer—Your February Horoscope Says You’re About to Embark on a Journey to Self-Discovery

Cancer—Your February Horoscope Says You’re About to Embark on a Journey to Self-Discovery
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Transformation is coming your way, my little crabs! According to your Cancer horoscope for February 2023, you are about to embark on a journey to self-discovery and spiritual metamorphosis that will have you looking out on a new horizon.

Saturn likes to test us and the planet of caution and control will be spending time in your eighth house of resurrection. This is the time to embrace the big question—who are you—particularly in your relationship to sex, spirituality, death, money, and psychology. Saturn likes to crush us with reality so prepare for some external changes in your life that get the ball rolling on this internal path. While this aspect can be a doozy, this exploration will allow you to know yourself on a fundamental level. The power that comes with that, the security and confidence gained, will be worth the challenge. 

Meanwhile, Venus—planet of love—spends this month in your ninth house of philosophy. You’re happy this Aquarius season when you’re doing something new. The routine no longer appeals to you, you want to broaden your horizons. Who you date, what you buy, the entertainment you’re drawn to—you want it all to be different and unfamiliar. Pluto will give its power to Venus on February 19, asking you to hold up a mirror to your personal relationships. What do you desire and why? It’s time to investigate. At the end, your eyes will open to the old values that no longer ring true and will breathe life to new values you can embrace full-heartedly. Don’t shy away from the new, it’s calling your name!

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After the Sun moves into Pisces, the Moon—your planetary ruler—will follow suit on February 20. The New Moon always ushers in a time of beginnings. With Pisces, it’s an opportunity to overcome fear and really envision the future we crave. The New Moon will be in your ninth house, fueling your desire for adventure and offering a new perspective on your life. When the world offers us a chance to remold ourselves, to expand our mind and improve for the better, it’s one of the most rewarding things we can experience. Smile through the transformation and, at the end, get ready to greet your brand new wings!

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