Cancer, Your February Horoscope Is All About Reinforcing Boundaries

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your February Horoscope Is All About Reinforcing Boundaries
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You’re tapping into your deepest source of power this month, Cancer. After all, Cancer February 2022 horoscope is brimming with intensity right from the get-go. On February 1, a new moon in Aquarius will rise in your transformative eighth house, encouraging you to embrace the process of outgrowing the past. When you change, your circumstances need to change, too! And as the sun joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius on February, you may realize that avoidant or anxious attachments styles are no longer working for you. Learn to embrace the flow of the universe without fear of loss.

Luckily, when Mercury stations direct on February 3, you’ll be able to work through conflicts much more easily. Mercury has been retrograding through your seventh house of partnerships, shining a light on the dynamics you continue to create in your relationships. By the time Mercury joins forces with Pluto in Capricorn on February 11, you may come to terms with a deeper truth about love and commitment. You just might realize it’s as simple as speaking your love language and learning your partner’s in return!

However, on February 16, you’ll feel like taking some time to love and spoil yourself. As a full moon sends sunlight to your sensual second house, you’ll be inspired to surround yourself with beauty and protect what belongs to you. And because Venus will form a conjunction with Mars at the same time, you may even feel ready to share that abundance with someone you care about. You’re a gem, so remember what a catch you are!

On February 18, the sun will enter Pisces, bringing you back into your watery realm. For the remainder of the month, the sun will shine through your adventurous ninth house, satiating your hunger for expansion as you explore uncharted territory. And you won’t be adventuring alone, because as the Venus-Mars conjunction forms a trine with the North Node on February 28, you’re learning how to embrace the love of your community while strengthening your interpersonal bonds.

The extended network of your relationships can become a tangled, convoluted web—but with a little more TLC, that web can eventually form a beautiful, irreplaceable pattern.

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