Cancer, Your February Horoscope Predicts Break-Ups & Make-Ups

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your February Horoscope Predicts Break-Ups & Make-Ups
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You’re spending the month sorting through your debts, Cancer. These debts are both emotional and financial, and while that may not sound super exciting, it can be such a liberating experience! As Mercury retrogrades through your eighth house of shared energies, it will encourage you to find a sense of closure from all your unfinished business. Your Cancer February 2021 horoscope is all about facing the past once and for all, so you can finally get that weight off your chest!

For you, Aquarius season is marked by emotional intensity. On February 1, Venus will enter your intimate eighth house, revealing which relationships are made of true depth and connection and which are superficial at best. It may even be a time of break-ups and make-ups, but don’t stress. On February 11, a new moon will also blast through your committed eighth house, inspiring you to embrace the process of creation and destruction as you let go of the past and invest in your future.

In fact, your investments will take on a whole new meaning by February 17. You may feel somewhat chained to your financial and emotional commitments while wishing for something new and different. If you’re dealing with a desire to break away and set yourself free, try to find a sense of balance between keeping your promises and embracing your ever-changing heart.

Fortunately, you’ll start feeling much more liberated and free-spirited by February 18! The sun will enter your ninth house of expansion, encouraging spontaneity and the desire for an adrenaline rush to guide you through your experiences. As Mercury retrograde comes to an end on February 20, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done a lot of internal work and are ready to embrace a transformation. When Venus enters your exotic ninth house on February 25, you may even find yourself attracted to people who live life on their own terms—people you can go on real adventures with.

You’re purging so much negative, heavy energy by the end of the month, Cancer. As Jupiter trines the North Node on February 26, it will encourage you to truly embrace the therapeutic process of release. When the full moon sends magic to your third house of communication on February 27, it might inspire you to put your thoughts and feelings into words like never before.

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