Cancer, Your August Horoscope Is All About Speaking Your Truth

Roya Backlund
Cancer, Your August Horoscope Is All About Speaking Your Truth
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You’ll be seeing dollar signs this month, Cancer! After all, your Cancer August 2021 horoscope kicks things off with a new moon in your second house of finances on August 8. This new moon is the perfect time to manifest the abundance you’ve been working so hard for!

You may feel strapped for cash and unsure of what financial moves ton make, but taking the time to learn about what investments to make will make all the difference! Set lofty goals for raking in that dough, moon child.

Looking ahead, things may get lost in translation by August 9. This is when Venus will oppose Neptune, paving the way for conversations to be misinterpreted and facts to be forgotten. This is not the time to make big promises and it’s definitely not the time to believe everything you hear. The truth could easily be stretched! However, once Venus enters your heartfelt fourth house on August 16, your intuition will spring to life, helping you weed out superficial statements and focus on what your gut is telling you.

By August 18, you’ll likely feel a strong desire to say what you need to say. As Mercury and Mars join forces in your communication sector, your voice will carry immense power, encouraging you to speak your truth. Just remember—words can leave a permanent mark, so think before you speak!

By August 19, the sun will oppose Jupiter, which could provide you with a powerful opportunity to increase your self-esteem and gain more confidence in your abilities. Not every battle is worth fighting, especially when you’re already flying so high!

By August 22, a full moon will radiate intensity throughout your eighth house of transformation, helping you recognize what sacrifices you’re ready to make for your future. Take ownership of your power by releasing yourself from what’s been holding you back!

Once Virgo season begins on August 22, you may feel the urge to mingle with likeminded people and revel in your intellect. Virgo season will activate your communication sector, helping you tap into your extroverted side! Don’t underestimate your ability to regale everyone with your charm and wit.

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