Um, Calling All Cancers—Your August Horoscope Includes A “Darkness Purge”

Roya Backlund
Um, Calling All Cancers—Your August Horoscope Includes A “Darkness Purge”
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Money isn’t the only thing your Cancer August 2020 horoscope is about, but it definitely starts with dollar signs in your eyes! Leo season has you in the mood to add some extra digits to your bank account—after all, it’s when the sun is in your second house of finances and possessions.

You want to be able to not only afford the things you need, but the things you want, too. Spend time shopping for the items you’ve been lusting after or save up and splurge on a rainy day! And when Mercury—planet of thought process—enters your second house on August 4, you’ll be inspired to rethink your financial goals and make smart decisions that will pay off later.

However, things get serious when a full moon in Aquarius dawns in your eighth house of death and rebirth on August 3. You may have a revelation that it’s time to come to terms with something coming to an end in your life. Although this revelation may feel painful, it’s likely slowly freeing you from the clutches of something that you’ve long outgrown! Divert your energy away from unhealthy attachments and allow the transformation to heal you. You’re ruled by the moon, Cancer, and this full moon will purge you of all the darkness holding you back.

Luckily, your strife just makes you stronger, and you’ll feel a boost of confidence and self-love when romantic Venus shines in your first house of the self! Not only will you be more energized, but you’ll also feel more attractive, like you could enchant someone by simply gazing into their eyes. You’re that mesmerizing, Cancer! And this August, you’re being reminded of how desired you truly are.

The new moon in Leo arrives on August 18 and it will steady and ground your heart. Feel the earth beneath your feet, let go of anything draining your energy and focus on whatever helps you find your center. The tree cannot grow unless it has strong roots! Water your roots, Cancer. Focus on building something from the ground-up.

When Virgo season begins on August 22, you’ll start feeling much more social. The sun will enter your third house of communication, pushing you to get over your fear of speaking your mind and allow yourself to learn from others. Human connection will take you far, so don’t fight it! Just embrace it and see where it takes you.

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