Cancer, Your 2021 Horoscope Is All About Finding Love & Commitment

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Cancer, Your 2021 Horoscope Is All About Finding Love & Commitment
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2020 was not an easy year for you, especially when it came to relationships. After all, Saturn and Pluto collided in your seventh house of partnerships, bringing awareness to the relationship patterns that needed working through. You may have had to decide whether certain relationships were worth strengthening or not. Luckily, your Cancer 2021 horoscope shows that you’re getting a break from all the intensity.


You’re spending the upcoming year increasing the level of intimacy and commitment in your love life. You’ll feel a rush in your heart during late January and mid-December, when Venus and Pluto spread emotional depth throughout your seventh house of partnerships, intensifying your desire to love and be loved in return.

Luckily, from September to October, Venus will light your romantic fifth house on fire, livening things up! But by mid-December, the strength of your partnerships will be tested. Venus will station retrograde in your relationship sector, revealing what your love life is truly made of.


You’re probably going to meet tons of intelligent people in your field this year! During late January, Mars and Uranus will join forces in your eleventh house of community, inspiring you to work with others and participate in a game-changing team effort.

This energy arises once again by late April, when Venus and Uranus connect in your social eleventh house, widening your list of contacts and tapping into your humanitarian side. This energy culminates in an eleventh house lunar eclipse by mid-November, leaving you with a major revelation about your network.


Saturn is no longer opposing your zodiac sign this year, which is a huge weight off your shoulders! However, Saturn is now pushing you to embrace the process of death and rebirth as it powers your eighth house of transformation. You’re spending the year divesting from what’s a waste of your time and investing in something that it is. Rise from the ashes like a phoenix!

With Jupiter coursing through your expansive ninth house from May to July, you’re also gaining deeper perspectives, opening your mind, and accepting a sense of adventure in your heart.

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