Can We Talk About Jennifer Lawrence’s Hot Bodyguard?

Leah Bourne
Jennifer Lawrence at Los Angeles International Airport

Photo: Wenn

The downside of being a major A-lister like Jennifer Lawrence is that you are photographed wherever you go by paparazzi, and you probably have to travel with a bodyguard. Privacy is out the window. Well, based on a recent photo of Lawrence heading into Los Angeles International Airport, she has turned the downside of fame into a major positive—because her bodyguard is all kinds of hot. So hot in fact that he kind of upstaged Lawrence when they were photographed together—and she’s an Oscar winner, let us remind you.

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We aren’t the only one’s talking about how hot this guy is either: The folks over at New York magazine’s The Cut are referring to him as a “hottieguard” while on Twitter there are a more than a few Tweets calling him a “bae.”

Hey, if we were J-Law, we wouldn’t pass up this arm candy either, and she certainly isn’t the first star to have a good-looking bodyguard. Karl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard is so attractive Lagerfeld has shot him for ad campaigns. And let’s not forget Heidi Klum, who reportedly dated her bodyguard following the breakup of her marriage to Seal.

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Let’s just hope for Lawrence’s sake he stays well in the background during awards season.