Is It Just Me, or Does Camila Cabello Look Like a Literal Mermaid in This Dress?

Maggie Griswold
Is It Just Me, or Does Camila Cabello Look Like a Literal Mermaid in This Dress?
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I’ve believed in mermaids and mermen (not actually, but just go with it) ever since the classic 1990s film The Thirteenth Year, and that belief was only furthered by the early aughts film Aquamarine—starring my girls JoJo and Sara Paxton, of course. The idea that someone could be half human, half fish but also look hot at the same time is a miracle in of itself, and I’m fully here to appreciate the folklore. In addition to these iconic mer-people from my favorite childhood films, I’d like to add Camila Cabello at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood event on Tuesday night. Like mer-teens Cody Griffin from The Thirteenth Year and Aquamarine from Aquamarine, Cabello walks among us humans. But is she actually a creature of the sea? Based on her recent ensemble, I’m leaning toward a big fishy yes.

Perhaps all the buzz around The Little Mermaid has me thinking about mer-people more than usual, but when you lay eyes on Camila Cabello’s latest red carpet look, I have a feeling you’ll agree it’s definitely mermaid-chic. The light pink mini dress is covered in both sheer tulle and sequins, giving it the ultimate mermaid tail vibe. You can practically see the singer swimming through the ocean, serenading all the fish as she goes. Plus, the gorgeous dress is belted with a sparky silver shell. If that doesn’t seal the mermaid deal, I don’t know what does.

Camila Cabello

Andreas Branch/Variety/Shutterstock.

Look, I’m not saying I really believe Camila Cabello is a mermaid, but I’m not not saying that. I mean, do you see the beachy mermaid waves she’s rocking with this mini dress?! Ariel may have some competition for the title of hottest mermaid in the sea. Now all I have to do is wait for someone to throw water on the singer so I can really know the truth.