Camila Cabello Just Confessed Something Major About Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes
Photo: Shuttershock.

Looks like we can’t keep calling Shawmila a summer fling anymore—fall is already well underway, and these two are still having a great time together. And now, in what’s their latest romantic development, Camila Cabello is in love with Shawn Mendes. Big time, y’all! She admitted it on a live radio broadcast! We’re only freaking out a little bit.

You see, this public confession has been a long time coming. Shawmila have seriously put us through the ringer—there was once a time where fans thought that Shawn and Camila’s relationship was all a PR stunt, only to end up witnessing a ton of PDA from them. Like, that time they sucked face on Instagram for everyone to see (yikes), or you know, that other time they were spotted holding hands on a cafe date (less yikes)! Through it all, though, Shawn and Camila have kept things pretty quiet about their relationship. Sure, we saw them out and about—but there was little ever said publicly about their love for each other. That is, until, Shawn admitted that they were definitely in a romantic relationship. This opened up the floodgates for Camila, who’s been keen on sharing her feelings for Shawn as of late.

Which brings us to today, when Camila started talking about her relationship with Shawn on the UK’s Capital Breakfast radio show. “There was a period where we didn’t hang out as much just because we were both busy, and this song [Señorita] was really fun because we got to just hang out again like we did on the song we did before, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,'” she said. “Which was when we got really close….We were like ‘oh yay, we get to be pals and just hang out!’”

And it looks like all this hanging out led to her romantic relationship with Shawn, about whom Camila also said, “I really, really love him a lot.” No biggie! We’re just going to go sit in the corner now, eat ice cream, and cry in the name of Shawmila’s love story.