Cameos: Top 10 Favorite Fashion Icons in the Movies


Now that fashion industry documentaries have begun to show their lasting power at the box office, we’ve gotten used to seeing our favorite fashion icons on the big screen. However, before there was The September Issue and Valentino: The Last Emperor, all we had to keep our fashion fix going were those random movie cameos from the industry’s fashionistas that came around once in a blue moon. Here, we take a look back at some of those favorite moments:

1. Andre Leon Talley (above), Sex and the City

The fake Vogue photoshoot for the SATC movie, which turned out to be a real photoshoot for Vogue written about the fake photoshoot for the real movie may have been the most confusing fashion editorial scenario yet. But all we know is that we couldn’t take our eyes off of Andre Leon Talley primping and prodding SJP in her “cream-puff” wedding gowns. And of course we adored his monogrammed LV luggage!


2. Jane Birkin, Blowup

At age 19, Birkin plays “The Blonde” in the 1966 film Blowup about a fashion photographer in swinging London who uncovers a murder through his photographs. From her awkward, leggy appearance in the film, we would have never guessed she would go on to become one of the greatest fashion icons of our time.


3. Stephanie Seymour, Pollock

Seymour seems to be taking in plenty of cashflow per month from her recent divorce, but if things ever slow down, perhaps there’s an acting career in the iconic supermodel’s future? Her role in the artsy 2000 flick Pollock starring Ed Harris was short and sweet, but she’s always been one to leave her mark.


4. Debbie Harry, Hairspray

Debbie Harry won us over with her iconic punk flare during her days as the lead singer of Blondie, but nothing could beat her hair in the original 1988 version of Hairspray. As Velma Von Tussle, Harry may have been cast for her last name alone, or perhaps for her ability to pull off….whatever you’d call that hair style above. Marie Antoinette can’t even rival that one.


5. Claudia Schiffer, Love Actually

When widowed father Daniel tells the love-lorn young boy Sam that his love life is over “unless of course, Claudia Schiffer calls,” we weren’t really expecting for that fantasy to come true. But in the final airport scene, there she appears like a gift from God. And the fact that she looks so down-to-earth and adorable in that winter cap makes us lover her all the more.


6. Valentino, The Devil Wears Prada

Apparently getting Valentino to agree to appear in The Devil Wears Prada wasn’t an easy feat–perhaps he was fearful of Anna Wintour’s wrath? Eventually, however, he agreed to show his adorable orange face on the big screen. We think it was the perfect transitional role before total stardom hit in his documentary, Valentino: The Last Emporer.


7. Mary-Kate Olsen, Factory Girl

This marked MK’s first official film as a single and not a couple with sister Ashley, and was supposed to be a comeback after years off from acting replaced with tabloid fodder over her weight. Unfortunately, all MK got to be was an “art gallery patron,” but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t pay full price at the theater just to see her–beehive and all.


8. Jerry Hall, Batman

Even those scars that covered her face in the 1989 version of Batman couldn’t completely disguise the beauty we’ve come to know as Jerry Hall–I mean, with those ruby red lips and gorgeous blonde locks, we can imagine it would be pretty difficult to be persuasive as a villain.


9. Veruschka, Casino Royale

Possibly the only person who could ever distract us from Daniel Craig’s hotness in Casino Royale would be the German-born iconic model and legend, Veruschka. Looking a bit older here for sure, but still fabulous no less.


10. Iman, L.A. Story

In Steve Martin’s early ‘90s flick, L.A. Story, Iman plays a simple lunch guest named Cynthia, but seeing her transformation from fresh-faced and full-out ‘fro to her sleek look du jour is worth the watch.