Too Hot to Handle’s Cam & Emily Just Revealed Whether They’re Still Together After Losing the Show

Cam, Emily, "Too Hot to Handle"
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Warning: Too Hot to Handle season 2 spoilers ahead. With their ups and downs at the retreat, it’s understandable why viewers want to know if Cam and Emily are still together after Too Hot to Handle season 2 or if their relationship has chilled.

Cam, a 24-year-old from Newport, Wales, and Emily, a 27-year-old from London, were two contestants on the second season of the Netflix reality TV dating show. Like the first season, Too Hot to Handle season 2 brought a dozen or so singles from across the world together to a tropical resort as they looked for love and tried not to have sex. Too Hot to Handle season 2 also saw the return of Lana, an Amazon Alexa-like device who watched the contestants 24/7 and called them out when they kissed, had sex or touched themselves or someone else in a sexual manner. If contestants are caught breaking the rules, Lana deducts money from their $100,000 prize fund.

There were some changes between Too Hot to Handle season 1 and 2, however. The first difference is that the contestants didn’t know they were on Too Hot to Handle. When they arrived at the retreat, they were told they were on a show called Parties in Paradise. It wasn’t until Lana arrived and told them that they were on Too Hot to Handle that they learned what show they really were on. The second difference is that the remaining prize fund wasn’t split between the final contestants like in season 1. Instead, the money was given to the contestant that everyone believed had made the most progress at the retreat. (SPOILER: In the finale, Lana chose Cam, Marvin and Carly as the top three contestants who had made the most progress on the show. The other contestants then voted on which of the finalists deserved the money. In the end, Marvin won with the most votes and was awarded $55,000.)

So that’s how Too Hot to Handle season 2 worked. But are Cam and Emily still together? Here’s what we know about their post-show relationship.

Are Cam & Emily still together after Too Hot to Handle?

Cam and Emily were two of the 10 original contestants on Too Hot to Handle season 2. They coupled up fast and were one of the strongest couples at the start, even though they lost the cast a lot of money as a result of their expensive kisses and handjobs. (Cam also lost money on his own because of a shower wank.) Though Cam and Emily seemed like one of the most stable relationships on the show, a bump in the road came in the form of Christina, who joined in the middle of the season and almost kissed Cam on their date. When Christina told Emily that she and Cam almost kissed and that Cam said that his relationship with Emily “wasn’t serious,” Emily and Cam had a big fight over how he isn’t used to being with one person.

Another obstacle came in Tabitha, who joined later in the season and invite Cam into the shower with her. In the end, Cam decided to walk away, but when he told Emily about the moment, she wasn’t happy at first before she decided to forgive him. Cam was one of the top three finalists, along with Marvin and Carly. In the end, he came in second place and didn’t receive the prize fund, which went to Marvin. But Cam didn’t walk away with nothing. In the final moments of the show, he told Emily that he loved her and the two slow danced into the sunset.

So are Cam and Emily still together? The answer is yes. In an interview with Us Weekly on July 5, Cam and Emily confirmed that they’re still together and living with one another. “We are very much in a relationship. We’re actually in the same house right now, just different rooms,” Emily said. “We’re living at my mom’s house. We are looking to move out together. That is the next step.”

Cam also confirmed that he and Emily only spent “four days apart” since production wrapped on season 2 in January. He also revealed that he and Emily have been living together since the beginning of February. “We were texting and I didn’t like it, so I thought, ‘I’m just gonna move in,’” Cam said. Emily added, “Cam hated the way I texted. He thought I was really blunt!”

Cam also told Us Weekly that his family loves Emily, which may make it hard for them to watch him flirt with other women on TV.  “All my family absolutely loves her. So I think they might be dreading watching the show a little bit,” he said. “I feel like my mom’s going to be on my case.”

Since Too Hot to Handle season 2 aired, Cam and Emily have also been liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram posts. On a photo of Emily in a bucket hat and a bikini, Cam commented two eye emojis, to which Emily responded with a shrug emoji. The week of the season 2 premiere, Emily also posted a photo of her TV screen, which showed her and Cam almost kissing. She captioned the post with, “Eye spy @camholmess” with eye emojis. Cam reposted the story on his own Instagram.

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix.

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