Calvin Klein Ad for Spring Brings Back Eva Mendes


If you haven’t seen the Calvin Klein billboards that literally stopped traffic in NYC, brace yourselves. The steamy denim ads starring Eva Mendes and model Jamie Dornan feature the duo wet, practically naked, and writhing against one another in various sensual poses. Sounds like pretty great stuff to us, but apparently some people in the neighborhood weren’t so thrilled.

Calvin Klein and StyleCaster must be on the same wavelength, because we love a good controversy–and the fact that people were up in arms over the ads didn’t stop the CK team from selling jeans–duh, sex sells, people! They’ve decided to renew Mendes and Dornan’s contracts for yet another ad campaign which will surely be just as sexy as the first…and second. What do you think of the ads? Too racy for public viewing, or nice eye candy for your daytime stroll?