Caché Is Back, Reviving All Our High School Prom Dress Dreams

Meghan Blalock

Our high school prom dates, hopefully, will never be back to haunt us—but our high school prom dresses are!  Caché, the glitzy dress boutique that was a fixture in many American shopping malls throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s, is in the middle of a brand revitalization aimed at giving its dresses a more stylish and modern reputation.

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“Caché once sold such designer labels as Genny, Thierry Mugler, and Claude Montana,” according to an article in WWD about the revamp, which includes a “Belle of the Ball campaign depicting smiling models checking each other out as they enter a black-tie event.”

This is all well and good, but considering that the vast majority of consumers don’t ever really attend black-tie balls, we have another guess as to what the brand is up to: conjuring the nostalgia of that sect of the consumer base who shopped Caché for prom dresses and other occasions in their adolescent years. Behold:

cache prom dresses

Another stab at modernity comes courtesy of the brand’s recent partnership with Louise Roe, host of NBC’s “The Fashion Show” and well-regarded style maven. Roe will be the face of the brand’s Spring 2014 campaign, set to debut in February.

And she’s not the only big name Caché has brought on to rev up the brand’s stylish factor: they’ve hired as senior merchandising directors Elizabeth Talkin for dresses, who formerly worked for Burberry and Bergdorf Goodman; Lydia Marcus for sportswear, who worked at Dolce & Gabbana; Penelope Nam-Stephen for accessories, who worked at Burberry and Versace, as well as Sal Lenzo, vice president of visual merchandising, who held similar posts at Saks and Burberry.

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The potential for being able to shop modern prom dresses as stylish adults has us excited, as most of the designs look totally appropriate for real-world events such as weddings. Are you excited that Caché is getting a revamp? Let us know below!

cache dresses