Bye Bye, Bachelor Pad! Kanye West Selling SoHo Apartment For $4.5 Million to Prepare for Baby

Spencer Cain

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It looks like Kanye West’s New York City days are officially coming to the close, as the 35-year-old rapper, fashion designer, and soon-to-be father has quietly put his SoHo spread on the market for $4.5 million according to Page Six. Although the Soho apartment on West Houston —which was designed by famed minimalist architect Claudio Silvestrin—is for sale, it has not hit the open market and has merely been shown to the city’s most prestigious brokers (something that is expected when it comes to selling high-profile celebrity homes).
The fourth-floor apartment, which West bought for $3.14 million in 2007 long before his Kim Kardashian days, features 2,300 square feet of living space, and West had it tricked out to meet his oddly quirky needs. So, steps away from his bed in the master suite is a 9 foot long granite basin that houses a sink (we don’t want to know why that’s there). Also, at the end of the entrance hall, there are statues of “little Cupid boys.” Um, okay then.
While we haven’t seen that many photos of the extremely modern digs, we can tell you one thing: It’s not for everyone. Real estate agents will have to work tirelessly to find a buyer who’s interested in his insanely personal specifications—but let’s face it, he doesn’t need the money, so he’s probably not all that stressed.
Moving trucks have already been spotted at the building, which means that he’s planning on making this move a quick one. He will likely be relocating to the swanky Bel Air house he bought with Kardashian, or perhaps to Paris, where he has an apartment that he reportedly loves.
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