Stock up on grapes, pineapples and watermelons, and check out the music video for Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning's "I Can't Stay".

Jam Of The Week: Cut Copy’s Bassist Goes Solo With ‘I Can’t Stay’ Single

Susie G

ben browning lover motion 490x4901 Jam Of The Week: Cut Copys Bassist Goes Solo With I Cant Stay Single

Attention Cut Copy fans: the electro pop quartet’s bassist Ben Browning has just released a solo EP, and along with it the music video for his first single “I Can’t Stay. While we know that the single was surfacing around the music blogosphere for a few months now, we’ve finally managed to get a hold of the music video, which is why we had to have it be our jam of the week.

Not to our surprise, the track is equally as electro-poppy as any Cut Copy song you’ve heard (mainly referring to the band’s first two albums). The “I Can’t Stay” single is off of his Lovers Motion EP which is out now, and that we highly recommend listening to.

As far as the music video goes, looks like Ben Browning might have gotten some inspiration from Jean-Luc Godard, with the clip decked out in black-and-white imagery, and random one-liners that appear in subtitles throughout the just-under-four-minute saga.

And here’s a few things we’ve managed to learn from watching said video:

  • Ben has a fear of pineapples.
  • Ben can eat up to 500 grapes in a day, depending on the humidity.
  • Ben not only likes to put fruit in his mouth, but flower bulbs too.

Check out the clip for yourself down below to get your Ben Browning on:

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