Buy Kate Middleton’s Slutty Dress, Maybe Land a Prince!

Kerry Pieri

In the making of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s “love story,” I’m sure you’ve heard the part where they were just friends until he saw her walk in a school fashion show at the University of St. Andrews in 2002 and realized she was basically a hottie. Then, when you saw the dress you realized he was a college boy who saw a girl mostly naked and thought, ‘I like naked girls.’ And thus a royal love story was made!

That sort of slutty dress (go, Kate!) can be yours and just maybe it will help you land a prince, or at the very least, a tall rich dude. The dress, designed by Charlotte Todd, is going up at La Galleria in London today and is expected to sell for at least around $15K.

In other Kate news, in the spirit of deciding who’s not designing her dress in order to bring us that much closer to who actually is designing her dress, he of the new bridal collection, Matthew Williamson, said it wasn’t his “thing”.

The designer told the Telegraph,”Kate isn’t a fashion bunny. I don’t know why everyone in fashion is waiting to see what she wears. I’m, like, thinking: get over it.”

Kind of in love with him right now while simultaneously wishing someone would start calling me fashion bunny.

Photo: Ferdaus Shamim, WireImage