Buy Andrej Pejic’s Limited Edition T-Shirt

Liz Doupnik

There’s nothing we love more than some gender-bending glamour. Clearly, Andrej Pejic is leading the pack with his beautiful face and his refusal to categorize himself. Anywho, you may or may not remember the infamous photo Andrej shared with the Twittersphere not too long ago, posing in a sick t-shirt with his gorgeous mug adorning the top.

We scoured the internet to find where we could snatch one up without much luck. But it appears that Lady Luck is on our side this morning! You can now purchase Andrej’s very limited edition t-shirt online via John Paul Pietrus, a killer website featuring lifestyle and fashion items.

It’s also totally reasonably priced at about $38 if you’re trying to reign it in after some holiday splurging. You best move fast seeing as the entire StyleCaster office may possibly buy the entire stock.

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