21 Random Questions for Busy Philipps

Christina Grasso
21 Random Questions for Busy Philipps
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It was a chilly fall morning on New York’s Lower East Side when I sat down with Busy Philipps, in town to promote her new campaign with the LG SideKick. In her presence I felt instantly at ease, which says a lot about her, as I am someone who has social anxiety even in the presence of, say, a Bill Clinton life-size cut-out.

Perhaps it’s that she documents, with a refreshingly candid approach, her day-to-day life on Instastories and I felt like I “got” her (as much as you can “get” someone from social media) from the start. Or maybe it’s that, when asked who she’d want to dine with out of anybody in all the lands, she chose Jesus. Yes, the Jesus. I’m not really sure; what I am sure of, however, is that I’d choose to have dinner with Busy every night of the week if I could. She is a bright spot in a very dim world.

Read on to learn all the vital-to-your-existence, need-to-know facts about Busy like her favorite nut, what really grinds her gears, and her advice to her younger self.

1. What is your full name?

Elizabeth Jean Philipps

2. If you could have dinner with three people living or dead who would they be?

Oh jeez Louise. That’s the most impossible question of all time! Do we go with Jesus? I mean, we have to find out what that’s all about. Marilyn Monroe, Jesus, and Julia Roberts.

3. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Check my phone.

4. Most-used emoji?

The shrugging girl.

5. Last book you read?

David Sedaris’s “Diaries”

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6. Who is your hero?

In a lot of ways my mom, and in other ways not at all! [Laughs] I hope my daughters say that about me someday!

7. As a busy mom, what is one thing you do to stay grounded?

I work out; I try to make my life easy.

8. What’s your pet peeve?

When people ask about guilty pleasures. Enough!

9. What is your favorite kind of nut?

I really get down with a cashew. Salted.

10. What is one quality you hope to pass down to your children?


11. What is your drink of choice?


12. Favorite farm animal?

A pig.

13. What’s your mantra right now?

“It’s all good.”

14. Favorite 80s song?

“Lucky Star” by Madonna

15. How do you take your coffee?

With a splash of non-fat milk and no sugar.

16. Favorite appliance?

LG Sidekick. [Specifically designed to wash small laundry loads that are a big deal and can’t wait.]

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17. What is your spirit animal?

A duck. [Because] things roll off their backs, and the cartoon versions are cute.

18. What is your advice to your younger self?

Oh boy. “It’s gonna be okay!”

19. What is one mom stereotype you wish to debunk?

That there’s one right way for all of it.

20. What is your hidden talent?

I don’t really have any because I put it all on social media!

21. Do you mask in-flight?

I have–but I don’t. I’m flying to Paris from L.A. this weekend and it’s a 10-hour flight so I have to mask.