The Busiest Girl At Fashion Week: Tracking Model Cara Delevingne Through Her Biggest Season Yet

Spencer Cain

While you may have your own opinions about the variety of differing trends strutting down the New York Fashion Week runways—from colored fur to modern interpretations of  leopard print—one that everyone can agree on is that Cara Delevingne is so in right now. The 20-year-old British mega-model had her biggest season yet, as it seemed like she was storming the catwalk for nearly every major designer.

Some of her most notable runway appearances included Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, and Jeremy Scott—where she donned an sexy outfit with a green monster printed across the skirt. Every time we saw her strut out, we were baffled and wondered to ourselves, “How does she do it?!” While many editors succumb to exhaustion and throw in the towel days into New York Fashion Week, Delevingne stayed strong throughout, and even walked in back-to-back shows that were in completely different parts of Manhattan.

In honor of New York Fashion Week and all the drama that came with it (we’re still getting a kick out of the fashion panic induced by superstorm Nemo), we decided to track Delevingne through her seemingly countless appearances. Click through the slideshow above for a look into the life of the busiest girl at New York Fashion Week—and get ready to see even more of Miss Delevingne during London Fashion Week!