Burberry Wants To Dress You From Rain To Shine

Liz Doupnik

For all my New Yorkers out there, I think we’re all a little shocked that the weather might be you know, normal today. Between the ‘hurricane,’ earthquake, mini snowstorm of October AND unseasonably warm conditions (not like we’re complaining about that last one) it’s been a struggle to dress appropriately. One minute we’re sweating buckets en route to a meeting and the next we’re so frigid in the office we’re considering turning our desks into kindling.

So StyleCaster (along with our friends at Burberry) decided make your life a little easier not matter where you are. Be sure to check out the new StyleCaster and Burberry Weather Module (found below every article!) that automatically evaluates your location, the weather and even suggests inspiration about what to wear.

(Sigh) It makes us wish we could buy everything Burberry all day every day.