Burberry Launches Online Acoustic Music Series

Kerry Pieri

Musician Misty. Photo courtesy of Burberry

Luxury fashion as promoter for up-and-coming musicians? There’s just no telling what Burberry will do next. The British brand that’s been quick to embrace social media in some very artistic ways (see: The Art of the Trench photo site) has turned its attention to little-known bands.

We have collaborated on so many projects with new and young emerging British bands over the years,” Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer said.

“We felt that with the great interaction that we have experienced with our social media website artofthetrench that we could collaborate with musicians and artists to put together an incredible group of ongoing acoustic sessions from some of the finest talent coming out of the UK,” the designer added.

Naturally, each of the acts are selected by Bailey, who we think has proven his knack for knowing what the fashionable crew like. As a lead up to the live-streamed Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 menswear show tomorrow (Saturday June 19 at 9AM Eastern Standard Time), the site has put up fresh content featuring young artists Life in Film and Misty.
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Life in Film

Check out the accoustic videos here, and being a tech-savvy brand, you can also view them from your iPhone and iPad and share them via Facebook and Twitter.

All images courtesy of Burberry

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