Why the Bun B Rap Coloring Book is What Every Hip Hop Head Needs This Holiday

Cady Lang

For anyone who spent their childhood memorizing the lyrics to “Juicy” or waxing eloquent for hours on the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry, you’re in for a treat.


Photo: Amazon

Rap legend Bun B — who you most likely know from his appearances in this and this — created a coloring and activity book with journalist and hip hop aficionado Shea Serrano, and it’s legitimately 48 pages of pure bliss for hip hop enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike.

Within this slim volume, you’ll find coloring pages of artists from Biggie and Tupac to Drake and Kanye West, as well as word searches, ad libs, and other highly interactive activities that will challenge (and strengthen) your knowledge of hip hop while giving you an opportunity to hone those Crayola skills.

It’s the perfect gift this holiday season for anyone you know who would rather get down to Snoop Dogg than Taylor Swift.Plus, with its clever but clean takes on rap culture, it’s fun for hip hop heads of all ages (read: good for educating the next generation of listeners.) And at just $12.95, why not get one for yourself while you’re at it? You can cop it now, on Amazon.