The 10 Best Budget-Friendly Fashion Bloggers

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The 10 Best Budget-Friendly Fashion Bloggers
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As much as we love looking at what celebrities, It-girls, and street style stars are wearing, most of us don’t have the bank accounts to match them piece for piece. That’s not to say we’ll never treat outselves to a fabulous designer piece now and then, but for the most part, real women shop on a somewhat fixed budget. And because of that, there’s been a surge of fashion bloggers who primarily focus on looking amazing without spending crazy money.

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Through various outfits, shopping guides, and sale alerts, these bloggers on-a-budget show us that it is indeed possible to look fashionable and right on trend on the tightest of budgets (yes, even that of a college student). So, rather than running out and impulsively buying that $2,000 bag you saw on a blogger, take a step back and check out these blogs—you might find a similar one for less!

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Here, 10 top budget fashion bloggers who can teach you a thing or two (or three) about spending less and looking great. Click through the slideshow and check ’em out!

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Raving Fashionista

Sarah's blog, Raving Fashionista, started as a way to share her passion for personal style, while hopefully providing a little everyday outfit inspiration along the way. She wants to help her readers change the way they look at their closet and through her amazing outfit posts where she shows off some of her best finds, she does just that.

Chic on the Cheap

Lydia Abate started her blog in 2008 when she hit up a T.J. Maxx and found an amazing bag on sale for $60 and was too excited to keep it to herself. On her blog, she posts her daily outfits and proves that if you keep an open mind, you'll be able to build killer looks at a discounted price. 

Cheap Chica's Guide to Style

As the founder and creative director of, blogger, author, and TV personality Lilliana Vazquez and her team of writers show women how to dress better for less, offers tips on how to shop smarter, and posts lots of themed shopping roundups. Check out our interview with Liliana, in which she offered 25 tips on when to spend, and when to save. 

Frugal Fashionista

This blog takes full celebrity outfits and shows you how to create it for way, way less. Based in Toronto, Frugal Fashionista also features shopping tips, trend round-ups, and—best of all—it takes requests from readers who love a cetain star's look and want to knock it off on the cheap. 

Penny Chic

Shauna Miller is everything but you're typical fashion girl. She's lived in L.A. and New York and has worked in some of the world's most renowned fashion houses, but there's nothing that excite  her more than the challenge of dressing chic on a budget. She posts shopping guides, outfit ideas, videos, and you can even ask Shauna personalized questions that she'll promptly answer. 

Broke and Beautiful

Paying full price for anything makes Lindsay Ginn, founder of Broke and Beautiful, "nauseous" and she does wonders to voice this on her blog. She started the site in 2007 as a way to share sales on designer clothes with her friends eventually her blog has turned into one of the coolest budget-friendly blogs out there. You can even search by price, which is a useful feature. 

Broke and Chic

Rather than just focusing on clothing and sales, blogger Amanda Raye shows readers how to live on a budget in all aspects of life from fashion and beauty to heath and exercise. She even has a separate "Careers" page to teach you about being budget-friendly on the job!

The Budget Babe

Dianna Baros, the founder of The Budget Babe, prides herself on the motto "Fab Without a Fortune." This blog is for those fashion-forward women who are "looking to stretch their wardrobe dollars." You'll find everything on The Budget Babe from celebrity-inspired looks that you can totally afford to shopping galleries with items that are totally within your reach.

Frugal Beautiful

Shannyn had an eye-opening moment one night in a bar. She had to learn how to live on $800 in Chicago and still be happy and believe it or not, she did just that. She'll show you through her outfits, shopping posts and guides just how to live on a budget and be totally content with life. What more could you ask for?

Budget Blonde
Cat—a blogger and personal finance writer—started this informative blog in 2010 to chronicle her life changes including leaving the USA and moving to the Caribbean to paying off all her credit card debt. There's plenty of info on how to save in all walks of life, including Foolproof Ways To Make Money OnlineWhat To Do When Your Budget Doesn’t Work, and How to Make Cute Purse From Your Husband’s Old Shirt


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