BTS’ Zodiac Signs Are Incredibly Revealing

Aramide Tinubu
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We already know how incredible the guys from BTS are. J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga are always showing their fans how important and loved they are. However, BTS’ zodiac signs and birthdays reveal more about the Bangtan Boys then we could have ever hoped. Though BTS is continuously swarmed with dating rumors, the guys have been careful to keep their personal lives very private and out of the spotlight. Still, knowing their birthdays and their signs might give us some insight into the Map of the Soul: Persona artists’ most closely held personality traits.

We don’t suggest that BTS hasn’t let ARMY members get up close and personal with them. Their mobile game, BTS World, their music, their plush apartment and their movies have all given us a front seat into who they all are as people. However, astrology can dig below the surface. From hidden talents to their likes and dislikes, examining the guys’ zodiac signs has been an eye-opening experience. Looking at these symbols against many of the facts that we already know about them will certainly give us an inside look into who BTS really is without the glitz and glam.

Let’s dig into it–we know you want to.

Jin: Sagittarius

Born December 4, 1992, the oldest member of BTS is Jin. He’s one of the band’s lead vocalists. His sign–Sagittarius makes him the perfect boy band member, especially since he enjoys traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people. In addition to BTS, Jin is focusing on his education and other ventures, including a Japanese-style restaurant that he opened with his brother.

Suga: Pisces 

Rapper Suga is the second oldest member of BTS. He was born March 9, 1993, which makes him a Pisces. Some of Pisces most stand out character traits are that they are selfless and compassionate. Despite superstardom, it’s clear that the guys are still very much grounded and genuinely nice people.

To celebrate his 26th birthday, Suga donated $88,000 worth of meat and 329 BT21 Shooky dolls to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation. How amazing is that?

J-Hope: Aquarius

J-Hope is the Aquarius of the group. Like his zodiac sign suggests, J-Hope may be shy and quiet at times, but he can surely turn it up on the dance floor. Born February 18, 1994, all of that Aquarius energy comes to life during J-Hope’s performances. He even won a national dance competition before becoming a member of BTS.

Another fantastic character trait that Aquarius signs have is that they love helping others. “It’d be fantastic to become a part of someone’s personal peace through my music,” J-Hope told TIME.

RM: Virgo

Born September 12, 1994, RM is BTS’ leader, and he’s the one who usually steps up to the mic when the guys are asked tough questions. RM, whose given name is Kim Naan-Joon, is a Virgo. This means he has a robust command of language when it comes to speaking and writing.

This makes complete sense to us because he’s a rapper with bangers like “All Night.”

Jimin: Libra

Libras like singer/songwriter Jimin, are known for pushing for justice and battling inequality, Clearly, Jimin, who was born October 13, 1995, fits the mold perfectly. The $7 million man has donated some $88,000 to the Busan Department of Education for low-income students. In addition to the money, he also gave school uniforms and signed copies of BTS’ albums to the kids.

We love that someone as well-known as Jimin is always looking out for others.

V: Capricorn

With so much going on in the BTS universe, it seems astounding that any of the guys would have time for anything else. But as a Capricorn–V makes time for his passions. Born December 30, 1995, like many Capricorns, V is an extremely hard worker, and he also has a love for music (clearly). When he’s not touring or performing, he’s hard at work mastering his acting skills.

Jungkook: Virgo

Jungkook is the baby of BTS. At just 21 years old, he’s known for his epic dance videos and interacting with fans. He’s clearly mastered the use of social media in a way that we never could. Born September 1, 1997 –like RM, Jungkook is also a Virgo.

Some Virgo traits that we can attribute to Junkook are that he is hardworking and practical. He’s always doing super relatable things, and when he decided he wanted to pursue his dreams of being an entertainer, he took a leap of faith and left his home in Busan to relocate to Seoul, South Korea.  We think it paid off pretty well.