BTS Member V’s Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Has ARMYs Sweating

Photo: Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

Oh, Tae. You even make popping a shirt button a moment to remember. BTS’ V’s wardrobe malfunction during an “ON” performance at the SBS’ Inkigayo stage on March 1 had ARMYs losing their minds when they witnessed it. And now you get to, too.

As part of BTS’ promotional tour following their new album Map of the Soul: 7 release, the Bangtan Boys aired on the South Korean music broadcast series, Inkigayo, with a performance of their recently released single “ON.” While the ARMY was already freaking out over their record-breaking “ON” music video released on Feb. 27, the boys couldn’t quite give their fans a break. Instead, ARMYs got to see “ON” get even better with a wardrobe malfunction from 24-year-old member V.

Now, normally wardrobe malfunctions can be kind of awkward—but when you’re a BTS boy, they still ooze cool. Taehyung was wearing a dark button-up shirt underneath his jacket as he played along for the drum section of “ON.” Clearly, he was so into it that his shirt got caught up in all the movement, causing a button to pop straight off. Cue, a clear vision of Tae’s chest.

Naturally, ARMYs lost their minds. “Insane,” wrote one fan. “I did think that V might rip through the drum, but I did not expect the button to go flying off.” Neither did we, but here we are! We’re not complaining.

Twitter user @taehyungtannah encapsulated our feelings when they wrote (in all caps, no less), the following: “DID U SEE HOW HIS BUTTON POPPED OPEN AND HIS CHEST WAS SHOWING WHEN HE HIT THE DRUM!!! KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!!” It seems there is no limited number of exclamation marks to express how overwhelming this sight is.

ARMYs were glad to see the boys popping off (no pun intended) during the SBS performance, especially given that their tour has faced some kickback in light of the recent novel coronavirus scare around the world. BTS had to cancel their Seoul concerts as a result of the virus, but fans were actually super understanding. Nothing like that ARMY love!