The Video Of BTS’ V, Jungkook & Jimin Singing ‘Scenery’ Is Exactly What You Need Today

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The ARMY can rest easy, because we’ve got a solution for your tedious Tuesday woes. (We know Taco Tuesday is the real thing—but sometimes Tuesday feels a little too much like a manic Monday, amiright?) Well, this video of BTS’ V, Jimin & Jungkook singing “Scenery” will liven up whatever the heck today is!

BTS has been on a two-month hiatus which just got extended into an indefinite amount of time, enjoying some time off while they get some rest and relaxation from their tour schedule. But luckily, just because they’re on a break, that doesn’t mean we’re totally devoid of BTS content. The boys have been dropping some banging BangtanTV videos on their YouTube channel.

On August 12, a video of the group hanging around a keyboard appeared on the YouTube page. Naturally, it had well over one million views in just a few short hours. The ARMY is absolutely loving it. In the video, one of BTS’ producers starts to play the beginning of V’s solo track, “Scenery.” But before V can launch in alone, Jungkook begins to sing first. V then says, “You know me,” before launching into the tune himself. And as V continues to sing with his stunning voice, Jungkook jumps in to playfully sing along with his falsetto. In an operatic voice, Jungkook harmonizes with V, and even though it’s a joke, it honestly sounds pretty good.

“Scenery” is a pretty cool song for a number of reasons. Some more obvious than others. Of course, V’s vocals are on full display, but the artist also wrote and produced the song himself. A very rare accomplishment. According to HelloKpop, “Scenery” also broke a few records, becoming the fastest song to surpass 100 million streams on SoundCloud.

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