BTS’ V & J-Hope Had The Best Reaction To TXT’s ‘Cat Dog’ Performance

Kristen Martin
Photo: Shutterstock.

OMG, we love this! BTS’ V and J-Hope reacted to TXT’s “Cat Dog” performance video in the most endearing way, and to be honest, we have the same reaction, too.TXT performed on the South Korean music show, M Countdown back in April. They performed their, The Dream Chapter: STAR’s single, “Cat & Dog.” Because both BTS and TXT are constantly grinding and on the road–the groups rarely get a chance to link up. When they do their fans literally go bananas. 

Since both groups are managed by Big Hit Entertainment–BTS are sort of like surrogate big brothers to TNT. Naturally then, it would make sense that BTS would want to make sure TXT feels supported and rooted for. In a clip of the reaction J-Hope and V had while watching this performance. J-Hope is literally me dancing to the choreography and matching TXT’s energy.

In the video, J-Hope’s eyes are glued to the screen waiting for TXT’s performance. Within seconds, he starts dancing to the catchy beat, moving side to side, and later, V joins in the hype, dancing in support of the single, “Cat & Dog.” In case you’re wondering why this truly amazing interaction has been withheld from us for so many months, know that you’re not alone and traditionally, BTS will release a special behind the scenes video long after it’s been filmed.  

This behind the scenes clip is the video we didn’t know we needed after BTS has been busy promoting Map of The Soul: Persona and TXT promotingThe Dream Chapter: STAR. We await many more interactions between the two groups, but in the meantime, here’s a clip of BTS performing “Boy Boy With Luv” on M Countdown.