BTS Just Wished RM ‘Happy Birthday’ & Now We’re In Our Feelings

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Shutterstock.

When it’s your leader’s birthday, you have no choice but to stan. BTS’ tweets for RM’s birthday are so sweet, we are literally grinning from ear to ear. RM, whose given name is Kim Naan-Joon, turned 25 on September 12 and in celebration of their Virgo friend–all of BTS is taking a pause from their hiatus to wish him a very happy born day.

The ARMY, of course, has been singing RM’s praises and wishing him a Happy Birthday since 11 a.m yesterday (Midnight in Korea). So of course–our favorite guys had to also get in on all of the action.  J-Hope was the first to send positive vibes to RM. He tweeted out a photo of RM with a caption that read, “Our Namjoon who’s been staying in my phone steadily, happy birthday. #HAPPYRMDAY Namjoon my light my star. Namjoon is ARMY’s love, person and pride #RMGalaxyDay There are many tags Namjoonah! Power of ARMY. #NamjoonfriendHobi.”

Suga then got in on the action tweeting, “Our leader happy birthday*!!” Jimin tweeted out a video message for RM where he said, ‘Our hyung, happy birthday. Sorry I’m late. Read my text, please #JIMIN,. Ah hyungnim~ First, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday and I’m so so sorry I couldn’t be with you today. Eat lots and lots of food, happy birthday, and uh, I love hyung a lot!”

When it was his turn to give RM a shout out–Jin posted a hilarious photo of his band brother. In the photo, RM is wearing some sort of inflated hat costume while clutching onto a stuffed cat. Jin tweeted, “Namjyoonie happy birthday – Seokjin hyung-ah (<I> wished as the first one at about 2 o’clock yesterday)”

Though we didn’t catch what Jungkook and V said for RM’s birthday we are certain they wished him well privately.

For his part, RM wrote the BTS ARMY the sweetest letter on his special day.

It translates to:

Dear ARMY, In this rainy late summer, are you doing all well? Honestly, I can’t remember the birthdays before I was 20. Looking back, they were somewhat special and somewhat plain. It seemed more like that after I learned that birthday is not a day to congratulate me but to give congrats to parents who gave birth. So for me, this rather regular day of September 12th. I have been getting overwhelming words for past seven years. Shakespeare said, “We are the ones who were known by lovely friends.” I once again realize that I have been known by you lovely people, and that today has become even more special cause of you.

I thought what if I could become a person to let you guys be known by love and little trivial truths, and as always, if only my heart that could not be displayed with only words could reach at least one more person. I can’t dare to say that I have witnessed all the love that have been poured out to me but I thankfully receive it this short letter. I wish that we could be happier even just for hour more. I love you. -Namjoon