BTS Lost Every People’s Choice Award To BLACKPINK & Twitter Has Thoughts

Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

The ARMY is having an identity crisis after the 2019 People’s Choice Awards snubbed BTS. While the seven-boy-band was unable to be in attendance, fans around the world tuned in to see if BTS would win one of thee three categories they were nominated in. The musicians were up for Best Music Video, Concert Tour and Favorite Group. The stakes were certainly high, and the competition very intense. BTS was competing against people like Taylor Swift, BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande, and the Jonas Brothers. Intense.

However, given the size and volume of the ARMY, BTS fans went into the night pretty positive and confident that their boys would walk away with at least one of the three awards they were nominated for. Considering the awards are all based on fan voting, it seemed likely that BTS, who has trended on Twitter more times than we can count, would be a frontrunner. Unfortunately, the ARMY was defeated at the end of the night, with the members of the K-pop group taking home no awards from the evening.

Like we said, it was tough categories with some pretty serious competition, but the ARMY’s dreams were dashed, and the losses have left them very confused. What made things even more confusing was that BTS lost each award to the same girl group—BLACKPINK. Twitter has been going wild with fans pulling an online Kanye, saying BTS should’ve won over BLACKPINK. Some fans have been respectively of the girl group, saying they know they’ve done good things but that…well…BTS still should’ve won.

Devoted BTS fans kept track of all the Twitter votes leading up to the big night, and for the longest time it seemed like BTS had a strong lead in basically every category.

Some people were concerned that the whole thing was rigged, claiming that there’s no way BTS would’ve lost based on the numbers.

As it turns out, despite fan-voting, the ultimate decider for who wins is NBCUniversal. According the PCA rules, fans vote for the “potential winner” of the awards, but don’t actually determine who wins. Interesting…the title of the show then—People’s Choice Awards—seems a bit misleading…but c’est la vie.

But the ARMY isn’t staying too hung up on this. They have bigger and better things to do—like voting for the other fan-based awards that BTS is nominated for. Look out @AMAs.