BTS’ RM Wrote a Song with Rina Sawayama & She Says ARMYs Should Ask Him to Release It

Rina Sawayama
Photo: JAB Promotions/WWD.

ARMYs, this is not a drill: BTS’ RM and Rina Sawayama collaborated on a song together. The 29-year-old Japanese-British songwriter made the big reveal during a YouTube livestream for UK magazine, heatworld on Wednesday, August 12. But it may be up to ARMYs to get the song released.

Sawayama, whose eponymous debut studio album was released in April 2020, actually knew Namjoon from a couple of years ago. According to Popcrush, the singer and the 25-year-old BTS member met at one of his concerts in October 2018. Sawayama shared a photo with him on Instagram at the time. “Hanging w RM ! @bts.bighitofficial u were incredible at the O2 last night 😭 makes me so proud to be Asian 🌏 thank u for having me,” she wrote, before wishing fellow BTS member Jungkook, 22, a “get well soon” (Jungkook had injured his foot after concert rehearsal and soundcheck that day). It’s been years since, but it looks like that meeting with Namjoon was the start of something after all.

At around the 3:20 minute-mark of the livestream, Sawayama reads a comment by a fan on Twitter. The person wrote, “okay but can we collectively agree that @rinasawayama and Namjoon need to collab asap? I think yes is an understatement,” to which the songwriter revealed that a collab *actually* exists. “We’ve actually spoken, we’ve written virtually together—which is sort of, a bit top secret,” she replied. BRB, screaming.

But then Sawayama threw us all a curveball—she doesn’t know what “happened” to the song! “I don’t think anything happened to that song,” she admitted, “But maybe if you guys pester him enough, he’ll work on it or something.” Do you hear that ARMYs? You already know what to do.

The singer did admit that she was fine with just being able to have had the experience to work with Namjoon (and we’d bet he feels the same)! “I don’t know man, they’re just so busy that I’m just like ‘whatever is cool, [it’s] cool that [Namjoon’s] is even a fan,'” she explained.

In the rest of the livestream, the artist answers more questions—some weird, some sweet. One fan asks her about her favorite Lady Gaga Chromatica song, to which the British singer reveals she’s literally wearing a Chromatica tee. Artists supporting artists? You love to see it.

Like one Twitter user wrote, “”can we just give rina sawyama her grammy for aoty [Album of the Year] and leave,” we’re just patiently waiting for Sawayama’s star to rise. The artist was flattered by the comment: “God, it would be sick to win a Grammy wouldn’t it? It’d be sick [even] to get nominated for a Grammy, it’s my all-time dream to get nominated,” she gushed. “I mean, it’s so beyond what I can even imagine that I’ve never really dreamt of it properly, if that makes sense. It’s like [saying] ‘I’d love to be an astronaut, I’d love to fly in space’—like that is the sort of level for me. I can’t really relate to it. But it would be sick! I would love it.”

Well, dreams can come true—it’s only a matter of time. Until then, ARMYs might as well apply a little bit of gentle pressure on RM to release the song he’s worked on with her. It’s what we all deserve.

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