The ARMY Has So Many Theories About BTS’ New Album Name After Their MMAs Performance

Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Did you really think BTS was going to perform at a year-end awards show and not drop several hints about their next album? Let me tell you, the ARMY was prepared to sift for BTS’ new album theories at the MMAs, and they did not come up short. As always, the group hid clues in their performance (which, lest we forget to mention, was epic. But you already knew that.) Many of these mystery signs, however, are sending the ARMY for a loop. You see, ARMYs have thought that BTS’ debut album, Map of the Soul: Persona, would naturally be followed by Map of the Soul: Shadow. But after the awards show on Nov. 30, many are no longer so sure. Don’t worry, though. They have a new theory, of course!

When we said that streaming BTS’ 2019 MMAs performance was going to be amazing, we also should’ve anticipated some insane detective work on behalf of the ARMY to follow. As BTS has been breaking Billboard chart records left and right (even though they haven’t received any recognition for it from the Grammys, much to the ARMYs chagrin), the ARMY has waited patiently for news about a new album. In the meantime, however, fans have been taking it upon themselves to investigate BTS’ next moves. A few months ago, for example, fans were certain after the BTS “Persona” comeback trailer that Map of the Soul: Persona was part of a trilogy, much like the Love Yourself albums of 2017 and 2018. In the video, we saw words like “Persona,” “Shadow,” and “Ego written on a chalkboard—in that order—so fans only assumed that “Shadow” is next up in the list.

Only now, the performance by the Bangtan Boys last Friday has fans reconsidering. “Ego” was written all over it. Not literally; but as far as ego goes, there was definitely a vibe going on. As a crash course, BTS’ Map of the Soul leans heavily on the ideas of Persona, Shadow, and Ego as espoused by psychologists like Carl Jung.

So some fans believe that if we’re going by the basis of psychology, it only makes sense to interpret their MMAs performance as a purposefully ego-filled display. BTS used projections throughout their performance, which some have literally interpretated as the projection of self that happens when we’re talking about “Ego” as a sense of identity, or self. If that seems intense, wait until you hear about the possibility of a dual-sided album.

Yep. One BTS fan wondered, “What if the new the next comeback is 2 different albums… Shadow on one side…Ego on the other.” Mind. Blown.

We’re just going to have to wait and see whether Ego or Shadow is confirmed next. After all, there’s a End of Year performances that might give us more clues, like the MAMAs on Dec. 4 and the Jingle Ball on Dec. 6. Stay tuned.

The group still has a few end-of-the-year performances left, like the MAMAs on Dec. 4 and the Jingle Ball on Dec. 6, so fans should keep their eyes wide open in case BTS gives any more clues about their next album.