Is BTS Still Planning to Release Another Album in 2020? ARMYs Are Starting to Get Concerned

Photo: Christopher Polk/Rolling Stone/Shutterstock.

Given that Map of the Soul: 7 was released early in the year, many ARMYs were hoping to get another BTS new album follow-up in 2020. After all, it’s customary at this point for the Bangtan Boys to release two projects per year: In 2018, for example, BTS closed out the Love Yourself series with Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer (not to mention, they also released Face Yourself—a Japanese version of the series). But given the current climate, ARMYs aren’t sure whether or not to expect new music soon.

Shortly after BTS’ comeback announcement, the group released their fourth studio album in Feb. 2020. MOTS: 7 was accompanied by some impressive music videos for “ON” and several live performances to promote the new album—until things in the world took a turn. Big Hit Entertainment made some hard decisions in light of recent news, including canceling tour dates and monitoring the situation to prevent the spread of illness.

Now, it seems these recent changes may even affect BTS’ album release schedule. In a translation of a Maeil Business Newspaper report, Twitter user @BTSChartDaily writes that the group will not return with a new album in 2020: “@BTS_twt has decided not to release another album this year and will focus on the world tour instead.”

However, this is currently unconfirmed—especially seeing as how BTS has yet to cancel concerts at many of their world tour locations, including the U.S. If there is no world tour to “focus on,” there’s still a chance the BTS boys will find themselves with plenty of time to work on new music. A glimmer of hope for these trying times!

Of course, BTS members are still reeling from news of the global crisis. RM took to VLIVE recently to express his sadness over the situation, citing the lost opportunity to connect with fans around the world. According to Twitter user @agirlinthepark’s translation, RM said, “We announced a comeback but there is no audience. Like a spell, we kept saying we have to be okay. Same thing for the concert, too. It [was] really hard. I have no energy. We prepared a lot. We really prepared for a really long time.”

ARMYs, however, are already finding ways to support themselves and BTS during these trying times. All we can do is remain hopeful.