We Must Address These Rumors About BTS Being Related

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We adore BTS. They’ve given us hit songs, tons of videos and amazing social media content. However, our favorite K-Pop group isn’t immune to whispers and rumors about their personal lives.  These BTS members related rumors are the latest gossip that has gotten the ARMY buzzing. As one of the biggest boy bands on the planet, we’re sure that Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin are used to reading all of the insane headlines. However, we’re confident that some of these rumors are way more farfetched than others.

BTS has combated reports about their dating history and their current relationship statuses. Fans have also dug up clues about their upcoming album (we’re convinced it’s called, Map of the Soul: Shadow) and we’ve even gotten the inside scoop on their daily routine. However, since the guys don’t really focus on anything but their passions, rumors that they are related in real life continue to come up. Since they debuted back in 2013, the seven man boy band have thick as thieves. They refer to each other as brothers, and they all live together in a luxury apartment in Seoul, South Korea. We know the guys are super close but do they actually have blood ties when it comes to being family?

Here’s the tea. 

BTS’ origins

Let’s rewind to 2010 for BTS’ origin story. Their management company, Big Hit Entertainment decided to form a new boy band, so they put out a call for auditions. This wasn’t your ordinary thrown together competition. It took three years of incredibly intense training for Big Hit to choose Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin and for BTS officially debut.

It clearly worked out for the best. Though it took the guys a few years to gain traction, BTS is now one of the biggest acts in the world. They are the most googled band of 2019, and they are steadily climbing the Billboard charts and putting out new jams for the ARMY to dive into. However, all seven of the guys have a different story to tell.

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RM – Kim Namjoon

Rapper RM, whose real name is Kim Namjoon, was the first BTS member to join the group. As BTS’ leader, he’s the one who is responsible for making sure the band has what they need. He also taught himself English by watching every single episode of Friends so really; he deserves all of the things.

Last year, he even gave an incredible speech on youth empowerment to the U.N. General Assembly.

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Suga – Min Yun-Ki

Suga is also a rapper. His given name is Min Yun-Ki, and you can find him delivering iconic rap verses on BTS’ hits and producing many of their songs. Just in case you were wondering, he chose the name Suga, from his time on the basketball court. It’s a stand-in for “shooting guard.”

J-Hope – Jung Ho-seok

J-Hope was recruited to BTS for his sensational dancing skills. Before he joined the group he was apart of an undergrad dance crew. In addition to rapping and dancing, he also writes a ton of BTS’ songs. J-Hope, whose name is Jung Hoe-seok isn’t new to this either. His solo mix-tape, Hope World is full of fire.

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Jimin – Park Ji-min

Jimin is beyond dedicated to BTS, and we love him his adoration for his fan. He told TIME Magazine, “When the fans sing along to the songs, that’s one of my favorite moments.” Park Ji-min was in high school when he was first recruited for BTS, but Big Hit scooped him up because of his extreme talent.

In fact, fans are currently advocating for him to play Prince Eric in the live-action version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Jin – Kim Seok-jin

Jin a.k.a “Worldwide Handsome” is a fan favorite among the BTS Army. In addition to his princely good looks, Jin, whose name is Kim Soek-jin lives for food, so how could we not live for him? The purple hair is also legend.

V – Kim Taehyung

We’re sure you’ve heard V’s soulful crooning all over a slew of BTS’ tracks. V and his dog Yeontan a.k.a. Tannie have brightened our lives continually on social media. V, whose given name is Kim Taehyung is also multi-talented with acting, singing, songwriting, producing, and photography credits to his name.

Seriously what can’t he do?

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Jungkook – Jeon Jung-kook

Jungkook is the baby of BTS, but he clearly doesn’t get pushed into the background. The super talented singer decided he wanted in with BTS after meeting with RM and nothing has been the same since.

Are V, Jin, and RM related?

If you didn’t notice, V, Jin, and RM all have the same surname: Kim. This is probably where all of these BTS related rumors came from. However, we’re here to inform you that despite being super tight and even sharing the name Kim-which is a very common last name in South Korea, none of the guys in BTS are related.

However, that hasn’t stopped them from bonding for life.