BTS Went Mainstream By Taking Risks & We Love It

Aramide Tinubu
BTS Went Mainstream By Taking Risks & We Love It

Navigating the music industry these days is a difficult task–things certainly aren’t as straightforward as they once were. However, BTS or the Bangtan Boys–have taken K-Pop mainstream. Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin formed BTS way back in 2013, and though they’ve been super popular in Korea for half-a-decade–their success in the Western world is still pretty fresh. In the United States–the ARMY began to grow in 2017 after their song “Mic Drop” found it’s way on the Hot 100 breaking into the Top 40 and peaking at No. 28. The hit song featured DJ Steve Aoki and even got a remix later when rapper Desiigner jumped on the track.

Since then–it’s been a whirlwind of BTS mania that has included deep dives into the band’s dating history, epic Musters, a mobile game and everything in between. Still, BTS’ unstoppable success has been because the guys and their management company, Big Hit Entertainment has been willing to step out and take risks that other K-pop artists haven’t. The band has said openly that they will never fully perform in English which is so legit. However, by collaborating with English-speaking artists like Nicki Minaj and Halsey, BTS has opened themselves up to a much larger audience who may have never discovered their iconic music otherwise.

Not only has the ARMY grown exponentially (the band had a sold-out North American tour) because of these collabs, but they’ve been performing massively well on the charts. Their single “Idol” with Minaj slide right onto to U.S. radio stations and helped power their 2018 album, Love Yourself: Answer to the top of the Billboard charts.

What makes BTS’s collabs even better are the fact that they tend to seak out female artists. It shows that not only are they deliberate when it comes to choosing who to partner with, but they are more than willing to take risks when it comes to their own success.