Um, BTS Knockoffs Appeared on ‘Empire’ & Now the ARMY Can’t Stop Laughing

Photo: Shutterstock.

If you told us that the Bangtan boys were going to guest star on Empire, we wouldn’t actually be all too surprised. But the way it actually happened is another story. These BTS lookalikes on Empire aren’t the real thing. It looks like the Fox series, which is currently in its final season, seems to have run out of funds or resources to hire real artists to cameo during this week’s awards show episode. So they did the next best thing: hire “lookalikes.” And we use quotes there because, well, these random actors look nothing like BTS. Body doubles for Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, weren’t half bad! But apparently, when it comes to a K-pop group, Fox hires guys who have the slightest Korean resemblance and call the job done. Yikes.

Still, ARMYs seem to have appreciated the effort. Many have taken to Twitter to acknowledge that an American series even attempting to feature BTS in their audience is a great step forward for the boys. While they’re already killing the game by breaking Billboard records and delivering powerhouse end-of-year performances at awards shows like the MAMAs and the MMAs, it does mean a lot that BTS is being taken seriously as having a place in the context of an American award show—even if its fictional.

One Twitter user writes: “so they did a piss poor job of getting actual look alikes but the fact that a bunch of writers sitting around the table of a semi popular US show, even made the decision that needed BTS at their award show along the other stars they put in. Shows we have come along way, I think,” which honestly, true.

And while Empire‘s casting of BTS really could’ve been better executed, at least the results have us and every other ARMY laughing out loud. Many noted one actor in particular, whose long hair had us all confused. “Is that supposed to be Jungkook,” wrote one Twitter user, with another responding, “They did Kookie so wrong.”

Our favorite? This tweet comparing the Jungkook lookalike to…Severus Snape. Bye!