BTS Are Officially Performing at the Grammys But ARMYs Have Thoughts

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock.

ARMYs knew it all along! BTS & Lil Nas X’s Grammys 2020 performance is officially happening, according to a report today by Variety. We didn’t know that the Grammys’ breakout star, Lil Nas X, would even be performing at the awards ceremony himself until the morning of Jan. 22. But with that surprise came even more news for one of the most dedicated fandoms in the world: the BTS ARMY! ARMYs were already theorizing that BTS would make it to the Grammys stage in recent weeks; now, they have their answer.

The Grammys are taking place in Los Angeles this Sunday, Jan. 26, and with the awards show right around the corner, it really looks like the Recording Academy was saving the best Grammys performers announcement for last. While BTS aren’t getting their very own performance, they are going to join Lil Nas X on stage to honor their remix on his record-breaking summer single, “Old Town Road.” Lil Nas X will also be joined by country star Billy Ray Cyrus, who helped to popularize the hit, as well as Mason Ramsey (a.k.a. Lil Hank Williams, who even covered the song with Billy’s daughter, Miley Cyrus), and electronic artist Diplo.

You can say that we weren’t really surprised that the Bangtan Boys lost out on the opportunity to perform solo; after all, ARMYs definitely believed that the Grammys snubbed BTS when they failed to nominate them in any categories this year. Many are seeing this performance as something of a consolation prize. Last year, BTS attended the Grammys 2019 as nominees, but didn’t end up taking home an award. Some are trying to look on the bright side this year. At least we’ll get to see the boys perform on one of the biggest nights in music, right?

Yet some ARMYs have been quick to point out that first, we’re probably only seeing one BTS member up on stage (Leader RM was the only one featured on the “Seoul Town Road” remix) and secondly, BTS are already deserving of their own performance at this point. As one Twitter user, Kiara, puts it: “hey really are gonna have bts aka Namjoon perform with Lil Nas X at the grammys but not have bts performing themselves?? Imagine how tired we are.” And honestly, we feel that.

That said, you can still catch us tuning in to The 62nd GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020. If not for Lizzo and Billie Eilish, then definitely for BTS.