BTS Just Teased Their New Single “Lights” & The ARMY Is Lit

Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Light’s, camera, action! BTS can’t stop & won’t stop. The K-Pop boy band is ready to release a new Japanese single, “Lights,” and fans around the world are probably fainting as we speak. The official release date is set for July 3. The song will be released as a double single along with a Japanese version of April’s “Boy with Luv.” (The original featured Halsey). In advance of the official release, Universal Music Japan shared a little taser video of BTS’ upcoming soon-to-be hit song on YouTube.

The teaser clip shows Jungkook in a movie theater, with the other band members appearing around that same venue. It then cuts to a basketball court (we know the boys are big sports fans—well, football at least) but in this shot, six of the seven boys are laying down on the court, presumably looking at some lights. It then shifts again and we see all seven boys on that same basketball court. Only now, it begins panning over each individual singer and rapper ending once again on Jungkook who starred directly into the camera. It’s like he’s looking into our souls!

This track will mark BTS’ first original Japanese single in two years, the last being their 2017 hit, “Crystal Snow.” Though we can hardly believe they’ve been able to create new music in the midst of their busy schedule. BTS has been in Busan, Korea for their fifth Muster. The boys of BTS performed “Home” at the  Muster five days ago, and the debut was very special. The song, from their Map of Soul: Persona album was released in April 2019, holds an important meaning for two of the seven K-Pop band members. The performance, which took place on the first day of their Muster in Busan, South Korea, was particularly poignant for Jimin and Jungkook, who both hail from Busan. There’s a reason the boys waited to perform the fifth song on their album—they were waiting for this moment. Singing “Home” in your hometown, it doesn’t get more special than that, right? And fans have literally been ~dying!~ to see this song performed live, so it was the perfect time.

Check out the new teaser trailer for “Lights” below as well as the boy’s performance of “Home.”