Jungkook Went Swimming & BTS Fans Can’t Handle It

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First football, now swimming. BTS is taking the world of sports by storm…kinda. Because of this recently surfaced  A video of Jungkook swimming resurfaced and BTS fans are calling him the next Michael Phelps. LOL. Ok, let’s explore this. First, you’ll recall BTS member Jungkook scored a touchdown on stage at Chicago’s Soldier Field about 10 days ago. Then Jin took a turn at football while performing at the MetLife Stadium in the Garden State. Jin wasn’t quite as skilled at the sport and his attempt at scoring a touchdown was thwarted by his bandmates who tackled him in what turned out to be a group hug. SO. Now swimming. Jungkook jumped in a pool and showed off his freestyle swim strokes in the water. Naturally, fans went wild for the video of the K-Pop sensation, and even went as far as to compare him to the United States 23-time Olympic Medalist, Michael Phelps.

The power of BTS fans is super strong because this conversation led to Phelps’ name trending on Twitter. What a feat.

One fan excitedly reacted to the trend, “We got Michael Phelps trending because of Jungkook’s video!! I can’t breathe,” they said in all caps. Another fan said, “Jungkook swam so Michael Phelps could run.” Someone else noticed the power of the BTS army, “Bro I KNEW when Jungkook posted those vids of him swimming and ‘michael phelps’ trending, i KNEW we did something.”

Take a look at Jungkook’s video below. What do we think of his form? Is it Olympic-worthy?

We’ll admit Jungkook has some pretty cool strokes, even a few flips at the end added to the flare. But uh…the Phelps thing is a bit of a stretch.

michael phelps Jungkook Went Swimming & BTS Fans Cant Handle It

Michael Phelps.

Check out some of the tweets: