BTS’ Jungkook Just Cut His Hair & The ARMY Is Basically Traumatized

Kim Wong-Shing
Photo: Shutterstock.

BTS’ Jungkook’s hair is always making headlines. On Sunday, the singer posted a few selfies to the band’s Twitter account. The photos reveal BTS’ Jungkook’s new short haircut, and the change is just drastic enough that fans are having a lot of Feelings about it.

BTS has been busy after finally ending their hiatus. They performed at their first concert in almost three months in Saudi Arabia for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, and now they’re back home in Korea. The boys are gearing up for the new season with some personal changes—hence Jungkook debuting a brand new hairstyle on Twitter.

Just last week, ARMY members were flipping out over Jungkook possibly having blue hair in one photo, but his new selfies show that his hair isn’t all that wild at the moment. Instead, he simply got a shorter haircut. His hair is now just above his ears. Sure, it’s not a huge change, but prior to this haircut, Jungkook had been steadily growing out his hair for a while. While some other members of BTS like to switch up their looks on a regular basis, he doesn’t change his hairstyle super often. So, that might be why Army members are losing their minds right now.

They’re being dramatic on Twitter about it, to say the least. “Gone too soon, rest in peace long haired Jungkook,” one fan wrote. “OH YOU CUT YOUR HAIR :(,” another tweeted. “I will miss your long hair babe,” yet another sad fan said.

Others have been more supportive, pointing out that Jungkook looks great no matter how he decides to wear his hair. As one ARMY member said: “We will miss your long hair but keep doing what you love and how you express yourself.” Still other fans actually adore his hair like this—it’s reminiscent of his old “coconut” look. You do you, Jungkook!