BTS’ Jungkook’s New Piercing Has The ARMY Totally Fangirling

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What’s a pop star without a unique tattoo or piercing? Apparently nothing. Or at least, not quite as cool as BTS’ Jungkook. The seven-member boy band is currently on their reported two-month hiatus, and the BTS ARMY is flipping for Jungkook’s new piercing. Because despite being on a “break” the band has yet to let down their fans. The ARMY is kept busy with new updates and posts on social media. The group’s variety show Run BTS!, airs Tuesdays on VLive. Fans always have many, many thoughts on the episodes but the latest episode has the ARMY truly on fire. And it’s all thanks to Jungkook’s latest piercing. In the video, it appears that the K-pop star has opted for yet another earring hole.

On August 6, the episode of Run BTS! features all seven band-members having some poolside fun. As if Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V chilling by a pool wasn’t enough, Jungkook decided to debut some new bling. *Cue ARMY synchronized swoon.* A fan shared a GIF of the BTS singer on Twitter. It features Jungkook’s longer hairstyle and his dangly earring in the new piercing.

Fans responses go something like this: “He is so sexy,  😭 😭 😭ufffff his hotness.” And like this: “He is getting so hot lately.” And simply this: “Damn yes  🥰 🔥.”

But now you can see why–can’t you? Just take a look below and it will all become clear.

The latest slew of piercing was noticed by fans when they watched BTS’ acceptance speech at the M2 x Genie Awards in South Korea. They, unfortunately, couldn’t go in person, but they did send an acceptance video, a pretty good consolation for missing it if you ask us.

Would also just like to point out that this is apparently Jungkook’s seventh piercing…there are seven members of the band…is it a sign? Is he keeping all of his boys close to his, er, face? Only time will tell. But that’s pretty cool.


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