The BTS ARMY Thinks Jungkook Dyed His Hair Blue & We’re Living

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Shutterstock.

These guys are ready to come roaring back from their hiatus in a major way. BTS Jungkook’s blue hair photo clue proves that the band is also ready to give us a new era of style along with their new music. So before we get into the specifics, the guys are no strangers to changing up with looks. We’ve seen longer hair, shorter hair and nearly every color from the rainbow on the “Boy With Luv” bandmates. However, it should be noted that Jungkook hasn’t changed his hair often at all.

Jungkook loves to switch up his style. Right now, his hair is the longest it’s ever been and apparently, it might be bright blue as well. So just in case you didn’t know, J-Hope just posted a mysterious new photo on Weverse, that has the ARMY squinting at all angles. From where we’re siting Jungkook’s locks do look quite vibrant.

To roll it back a tad, back on Aug 11, during BTS’ Lotte Duty Free family concert right before their extended hiatus began–Jungkook debuted his long and luxurious hair for the very first time. Since we legit had never seen him with hair that long and he showcased some piercings the ARMY lost it!

But back to this Weverse photo with the alleged blue hair. J-Hope posted the photo on Oct. 7 and in the pic, Jungkook has a paper bag over his head. Although his face is covered, it’s quite clear that its Jungkook because of his iconic T-shirt and muscular build.

Fans of course when insane getting more deets on the photo and when they zoomed in really close, the saw a sliver of blue hair peeking out of the bag’s eye holes. LOL we’re deadass.

One ARMY member tweeted, “I don’t pretend to be dramatic, but if Jungkook dyes his hair blue, it could be our death… look, I just think about that since I have watery eyes. It will be a worldwide event and we will lose our lungs, and I see them all very calm and I’m very hysterical wtf I need a Tila.”

Another said, “no because if we ever do get blue long-haired jungkook I promise you that you will never hear from me again, i will not exist anymore. it would be over for me.”

We live for the drama and adoration.