BTS’ Jungkook May Have Gotten An ARMY-Inspired Tattoo & We’re Shaking

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Shutterstock.

It looks like someone got some serious new ink when they were on hiatus. BTS’ Jungkook’s ARMY tattoo clue proves he adores his fans just as much as we love him. It looks like Jungkook might have gotten the new tat in the past week or so. However, because he’s been away from the stage we can ‘t say for sure if it’s real or not.

On Sept 16- Jungkook and the rest of BTS were spotted together for the first time in over a month. The group was at the Incheon International Airport in Korea headed to an undisclosed location. The ARMY obviously was delighted to see BTS altogether again–especially when their management company Big Hit Entertainment announced their extended break was officially over. They released a statement saying, “BTS has ended their period of rest and will be flying out today for a scheduled activity.”

Amid their excitement–the ARMY was also thrilled by Jungkook’s new appearance. He has much longer hair than we’re used to seeing him with and he was sporting some new ink on his right hand.  In a video posted on YouTube, you can see Jungkook trying to keep his hand in his pocket. However, if you zoom in at the 0:49 mark you’ll notice “ARMY” tatted across Jungkook’s knuckles.

Jungkook hasn’t said anything about the tat just yet–but fans have questions about the super sweet gesture. We also noticed that  “ARMY” was is written so that the “A” looked like an upside-down “V.” This could mean that tat has a double meaning–or a stand-in for the BTS members names. The “A” could stand for V (aka, Taehyung), the “RM” portion “ARMY” could be for RM, and the “Y” might stand for “Yoongi,” aka Suga. For J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin, it looks like Jungkook has the letter “J” tattooed on the finger with “M” on the knuckle. Super perfect and clever.

The ARMY is obviously delighted.