Ahem—BTS’ Jimin Took His Shirt Off In A Photo Booth & People Cannot Handle It

Kim Wong-Shing
Photo: Shutterstock.

Just when the BTS Army couldn’t handle any more cuteness from Jimin, the man decided to share some photos of himself taking off his shirt in a photo booth. You know, just to really ruin his fans’ lives. These shirtless photos of BTS’ Jimin are… Well, you just have to see them for yourself.

The members of BTS often share photos and videos of their antics with their fans. They even have a whole docu-series about their journey with the band, and in one recent episode, Jimin opened up about the “hard times” that the band has gone through and the fact that he once cried while talking about his fellow bandmates. It was seriously sob-worthy, with Jimin explaining: “Everyone was telling me not to think too much into it. But in my opinion, we are a team. And we’ll be together in the future, so how can I not care?”

Now Jimin is making BTS fans swoon for an entirely different reason. He recently tweeted a series of photo strips from a rather steamy photo booth session. One of the strips of black-and-white pics show Jimin looking at his shirt, taking it off, then looking shocked at the camera while fully shirtless. Okay then, Jimin! If anyone in BTS was gonna do this, it’s not surprising that it was Jimin, since he’s quite out-going (according to body language experts).

Obviously, people on Twitter are completely losing their minds over this photo set. The general consensus is pretty much: “OMG.” And when it comes to accurately displaying an OMG reaction, Twitter never fails. Jimin’s replies are now absolutely teeming with funny memes and GIFs, including several hilarious edits of Jimin’s original pic.

This is the first time that the BTS boys have enjoyed a vacation since their debut, and Jimin is certainly making the most of his time off. Wink wink.