Jimin’s Secret Song Has The ARMY Scrambling For Clues

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Despite a two month hiatus from work (everyone needs a little r&r—even if you are a pop-star),  BTS is still dropping new material and content. Gotta keep the fans happy! BTS’ Jimin secret song reveal has the ARMY scrambling for clues. Jimin announced that self-produced a new song today on VLIVE, but get this—he’s keeping it a secret. Umm cool cool. We are so not cool with that.

Jin also made an appearance on Jimin’s live stream, and the two boys had a lot of fun dropping some secret intel. For example, unrelated to music, Jimin is super scared of the dentist. And honestly? We don’t blame him. But dental health aside, we really really would like to know more about this secret solo song.

So during the live stream, quite a few things happened. But the conversation around this potential new song is truly the most important thing. Jin and Jimin discussed what each of them were doing with their precious and rare time off. Jimin explained that he’s mostly been sleeping, watching television shows and gaming. Alright. But then, according to a fan who translated the conversation (tysm @PJM_GLOBAL), the convo then went into the new music territory.

Jin said: “I heard a rumor that Jimin has been working on producing a song.”

Jimin replied: “What?!”

Jin asked: “Is it not true?”

Jimin then replied: “Nah…”

UMM. Sounds super cagey to us. Call us crazy, but we don’t think Jin would just casually drop that nugget of information to make Jimin uncomfortable for no reason. There just has to be something in the works, right?

Jin pressed the topic, continuing the conversation by mentioning that Jimin had developed a beat, melody and lyrics. But Jimin was still all like,



Well, Jin went on to praise Jimin as a songwriter, just reaffirming that the love and respect between these boys is unparalleled. Checkout the rest of the beauty that is this video below.

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