Here’s What Body Language Experts Have To Say About BTS’ Jimin & RM’s Friendship

Kim Wong-Shing
BTS' Jimin and RM
Photo: Shutterstock.

The members of BTS are obviously real-life besties, and Jimin and RM have a special bond. According to experts, BTS’ Jimin and RM’s body language reveals their friendship is perfectly balanced. The two of them go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Body language experts Patti Wood and Traci Brown took a close look at pictures of Jimin and RM for Elite Daily, and they found that their body language says a lot about how their friendship works. First, Jimin and RM both want to maintain their individuality, as you can tell by how they lean slightly away from each other in certain photos.

Second, Jimin appears to need more attention and closeness than RM, because he’s usually the one “reaching” for RM in photos. “I think Jimin is the one who needs more connection than RM,” Brown said. This definitely aligns with what RM has said about his bandmate. He mentioned in a November 2018 VLIVE that “Jimin needs a lot of love and attention.” And clearly, he’s not afraid to ask for it!

Jimin also loves to tease RM on-stage by pinching his cheeks or tugging on his ear. This “gentle intimate touching” shows that the two are very close and that they have a playful and intimate relationship, Wood says.

Also, Jimin seems to be more outgoing than RM, since he’s usually the one starting these interactions… But that doesn’t mean RM is disengaged at all. “He’s certainly emotionally enrolled in all of these situations,” Wood says. As the leader of BTS, he probably just has to be more aloof and serious.

The last and cutest takeaway: Wood says that this friendship literally resembles a couple of puppies playing together (cue every fan saying “awww” in unison). In the pictures above, for example? “Look at the bottom right photo and see how Jimin brings his full head and face to RM’s neck at the most vulnerable spot, as if he is smelling it and is getting ready to bite it,” Wood points out. “It’s very intimate. They look like little puppies and [Jimin] looks like a puppy playing with his puppy brother.”

Okay, who’s going to make a “BTS members as puppies” thread on Twitter?