The ARMY Wants Jimin Cast As Prince Eric In ‘The Little Mermaid’ & We’re Here For It

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Disney’s next live-action remake is the fish-out-of-water classic, The Little Mermaid. Beyoncé’s protégé Halle Bailey will be taking the title role, and now the question becomes—who should play opposite our favorite Princess? BTS fans want Jimin as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. The ARMY is entirely convinced that one of their favorite K-Pop boys would make the most ideal Prince Eric, and Jimin is their chosen one. It’s an especially appealing recommendation because Disney has been striving to make their casting more diverse.

Next Shark has reported that the internet, in particular, has been pushing for more diverse casting as well. With a Black woman playing the role of Ariel, it’s absolutely a step in the right direction. It’s going to be a beautiful portrayal of the classic and fans are eager to see an Asian Prince Eric by Ariel’s side. BTS is no stranger to trending on Twitter, and it seems the ARMY is in full force. We’re sure his name will be trending soon due to the sheer amount of people calling for Jimin to cast as the prince. (And many wish they could be his little mermaid).

One fan made the ultimate request for Disney to please just cast Jimin already: “I think BTS Jimin is going to play the role of Prince Eric in the Hollywood Movie – The Little Mermaid 2019…I’m very excited that whose gonna play the role but I want Jimin and he has the opportunity. Please tweet as much as you can. We want Jimin❤ It’s a request…”

Others went straight with photo evidence for why Jimin should be Disney’s next Prince.

One fan apparently didn’t get the memo that Ariel has already been cast

Well there you have it…your move, Disney!

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