ARMYs Are Drooling Over BTS Member Jimin’s New Hair Color & Well, Same

BTS' Jimin
Photo: Shutterstock.

The power he has, the influence. BTS Jimin’s new hair color photos have turned the ARMY collective consciousness upside down. Dramatic? Yes. But when ChimChim dyes his hair blue, there’s plenty of drama to go around.

Along with every comeback era, we know that the BTS boys—from Jungkook to Jimin—like to debut fresh looks to coincide with it. Now that the release date of Map of the Soul: 7 is right around the corner, fans have been anxiously awaiting the new concept photos behind the album which would finally reveal the Bangtan Boys’ latest makeovers. Well ARMY, they’re finally here. And perhaps the most shocking reveal is Jimin’s.

The 24-year-old has been steadily rocking platinum blonde hair as BTS had their U.S. comeback in January. The boys surprised ARMYs will a full-on performance at the Grammy Awards with Lil Nas X late in the month, and later debuted their performance of “Black Swan” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Since then, the boys have been laying relatively low aside from the usual press tour interview here and there. Notably, Jimin has been spotted with his hair growing longer and longer. ARMYs hoped to spot an updated look once BTS flew back to Korea this week—and of course, they got one. While Jimin tried to cover his hair with a hat during the group’s airport arrival, there was no hiding it: Jimin has blue hair.

Suspicions were confirmed once BTS began posting their official concept photography onto their social media accounts on Monday, Feb. 10. The highly stylized photos depicted all the BTS boys in all of their Map of the Soul: 7 glory. They were fashioned in literal black swan outfits. Remember that drama we talked about?

And as rumored, Jimin’s hair is definitely blue.

So blue, you can swim in it.

Bluer than all the tears every ARMY is about to drop over the album.

I’ll stop—but don’t say I didn’t warn you.