Jimin & Jin Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ To RM Is Simply The Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

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It’s not a party till your friends sing to you and make you feel all special, right? Well BTS knows how to do it the best way. Thus BTS video of Jimin and Jin singing “Happy Birthday” to RM will truly melt your heart. The ARMY is naturally ecstatic, how could you not be? The BTS boys’ friendships are truly inspiring. Their unconditional love and support for one another is wonderful and extends to their fans as well.

Which might be why, even on their reported two-month hiatus, the band members have been sure to keep up with new content for the ARMY. The groups’ third installment of movies about their lives on tour was just released in select theaters. In addition, to Bring The Soul: The Movie, they dropped the adorable “Happy Birthday” vid. It really can’t get much better than this for BTS fans!

In the video, which Big Hit Entertainment released as a Bangtan Bomb on BTS’ YouTube channel, all seven boys can be seen hanging backstage before their America’s Got Talent performance. The video was recorded on RM’s birthday—September 12, 2018—and Jimin and Jin start teasing RM about celebrating his bday two days in a row. Time zones make it pretty funny. Then, they end up singing “Happy Birthday” to RM in English. The boys sound casually amazing, as per usual.

“Was a dope harmony, right?” HAH. Yes. Yes indeed, boys.

They sounded almost as good as Michael Scott. Congrats.

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