This Video Of BTS’ J-Hope & Jimin Pretending To Exercise Is The Only Vibe We’ll Ever Need

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Getty Images.

Our favs might be on summer break–but that hasn’t stopped them from blessing the ARMY with delightful videos of their fun and antics. BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin’s leg exercise video is beyond hilarious and will delight you so much. Though Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin are taking some much-deserved time for themselves–they haven’t stopped delivering the content.

Despite BTS’ two-month hiatus, their Bangtan TV YouTube channel is still delivering gems. In their recent Bangtan Bomb, BFFs J-Hope and Jimin are seen hanging out backstage. At some point, J-Hope starts pulling on Jimin’s legs. (Clearly, we need to be doing whatever yoga Jimin does on a regular basis–his flexibility is iconic.) We couldn’t stop laughing when J-Hope began using Jimin’s legs like there are the arms of an elliptical machine. This is truly the best workout we’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, an ARMY member translated the video for us. Apparently, while Jimin and J-Hope are doing all of this– Jungkook is in the background trying to figure out what’s happening with his steak.


He asks,

“It’s not even medium rare, it’s just rare?? Why isn’t it able to be cut?”

“It really is uncooked! It really can’t be cut!” he adds.

“It’s REALLY uncooked, though? What is this, it’s all just a lump of fat.”

Meanwhile, Jimin whose legs are literally being controlled by J-Hope in the video–looks unbothered by everything that is going down.

In an interview with the Japenese Magazine, Exile–J-Hope got candid about his close friendship with Jimin. He said,

Jimin is very cute. He’s always so cute. He’s the kind of person born with a natural cuteness. And even though he’s younger than me, he sometimes acts like a dependable older brother, which is another charming side of him.

These guys are perfect.